Sustainable Packaging Development

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Biopac Technology is an independent sustainable packaging design and development consultancy which specialises in sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. We design and create packaging solutions using new sustainable materials and technologies to meet our customer’s product, manufacturing and market needs.

Sustainability Programmes

Biopac Technlogy Consultancy work includes supporting sustainability programmes for  – fast food retailers, fresh produce manufacturers, airline disposables, outdoor events and retailers. In adopting sustainable packaging solutions It pays to prove you’re green” - brand values can be enhanced and corporate sustainability targets met with environmentally friendly packaging solutions.


Biopac has been operating since 2002 and is the leader in the field of sustainable packaging innovation - creative structural design, materials technology, packaging sustainability,  environmental impact and packaging cost savings.

Biopac’s  mission is to establish high performance alternatives to oil based and unsustainable materials by researching and developing new materials, finding renewable feedstocks and using novel technologies. Innovation is the key objective.

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